Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel by Speck Construction in Evergreen, Conifer, Golden, Morrison, Idaho Springs and the Denver Metro area.Bathroom Remodel

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Conifer Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling

This project was an expansion to create a grand vaulted entryway and open up a small, enclosed 70’s era kitchen. Granite counter tops, central island, and all new stainless appliances were installed. We saved this client substantial money by updating the original cabinetry and fabricating island cabinets and under-counter dish hutch to match. The picture was complete with Brazilian Tiger Wood flooring and beautiful pendant lights.
Conifer Kitchen Remodel

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Denver Warehouse Remodel

Warehouse Loft Remodeling - The Ice Palace

We started with a 10,000 square foot industrial warehouse. The idea was to build a recording studio equipped with comfortable living and entertaining accommodations. Working with an industrial architect, we built a two story, state of the art facility, dubbed the “Ice Palace”.

The 6,500 square feet of second floor holds two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, game room, media room, laundry facility, and lounge complete with a 35’ custom stainless steel bar and enhanced lighting. We also fabricated and installed interior and exterior stainless steel and powder-coated balconies. The approximately 6,500 square foot main floor is where the recording studio, sound mixing room and computer room (primarily for commercial design) are located. There is also an 18’ by 40’ blue screen for commercial production. Finally, the south-side of the warehouse has a 12’ by 32’ stage equipped with production quality lighting.

Denver Warehouse Remodel

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Denver Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling

This client had a 70’s kitchen in a state of disrepair. The critical first step was to level the floor that had sunk 3” due to a sagging cantilever. Removing two walls, revealing 12’ cathedral ceilings and creating a “great room” effect opened up the kitchen. New cabinetry, appliances and granite counter tops were installed. We laid bamboo flooring and hung modern halogen spotlights to complete the look our customer desired.
Denver Kitchen Remodel

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Planning for Home Remodeling

Things to Consider When Planning for Home Remodeling

By: Asha

Home RemodelingAny homeowners would at least undertake one major home remodeling plan in the lifetime. There could be lot of reasons such as ugly wallpaper, stain, cracked or nasty linoleum floor. Mainly people deal with kitchen and bathroom remodeling and they also remain important, but might not be really necessary for all kind of homes, you need to make your choice according your needs.

The most excellent home remodeling ideas are the ones, which assure to develop your class of life. Bathroom and kitchen remodels might actually have the chief average fiscal return on the investment made, but any home remodeling plan would probably add to your land value and few add the complete cost of the renovation. Your principal want might be a home office or the cellar remodel. The family room might be in real bad form due to the pet damage that it's pleading to be deal with first. In addition, you might not actually know what a possible home buyer is going to like most.

Major Home Remodeling Ideas

In spite of the home area you select for remodel, the input to a winning home remodeling project is simply planning. Trade shows, display area and the Internet are all amazing ways to make beginning ideas. You must give yourself for a while to get a sense for what you actually desire, the size of your project budget, and how you could get finance for the remodel. For big home remodels, a tradition floor plan and other building consents are obligatory before any real production starts. You of course don't want to have entire answers, but the more you understand about what you need the more competent and annoy free your remodeling plan will be.

In addition, by taking a more practical, well-informed, and patient move towards your home remodeling project, you can actually reduce the risk of miscommunication among you and your contractor. You would further boost the ability of carrying out your home remodel/renovation and, certainly, decrease the actually cost of your plan, while yet getting all that you desire from your fresh home living area.

Not all home remodeling plans comprises wide planning and other floor plans. Replacing your boring wallpaper, counting storage cabinets, or just revamping could change some of your areas in home without the pricey process of an entire bathroom or the kitchen remodel. Another amazing foundation for home remodeling plan is to increase your money roughly and keep away from discarding all your dispensable cash into one particular area. This is particularly accurate for homeowners that carry some additional cash, will like to smarten up their home, but do not have one part of the home, which has any urgent remodeling needs. So decide upon your needs and work along with the contractor for completely home remodeling!

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Guide to Remodeling a Kitchen

By: Dan Fritschen

Remodeling a KitchenA kitchen remodel can be an exciting and creative activity for a homeowner; as with every remodel it is advisable to start with a budget in mind and work according to a plan. There is a lot you can do with a kitchen remodel; kitchen cabinets, sinks, exhaust fans, sinks, kitchen islands, curtains, lighting, counter tops, back splash, faucets, furniture, tiles, etc can be replaced or repaired to give a whole new look to your kitchen. You should get an idea of the costs involved in a remodel and then plan the remodel to fit your budget.

Before starting a remodeling project, it is important to obtain a building permit well in advance because municipalities may take time to process the permit application.

Kitchen roofs can be kept a little higher so as to give the kitchen a different feel from the rest of the house and the kitchen can be moved adjacent to the dining area so that service from the kitchen is made easy.

In kitchens, where space is a constraint a remodel offers the opportunity to remove items and accessories that are rarely used and create some space. The kitchen space can be made more appealing visually by varying the height of the countertops and using cabinets of different sizes with different styles of doors. Contrasts can be achieved by using light wood stains for the islands and darker ones for the cabinets. A remodel is also the time to hide unsightly appliances by installing panels that can cover or disguise ovens or refrigerators. Another way to make appliances blend with the surroundings is to install stainless steel appliances; this is because stainless steel reflects the colors of its surroundings and is therefore not very noticeable.

The space to be allocated for counters can be a tricky decision; ideally you should allocate sufficient space for the counters and the counters should have enough width and depth to provide working space as well as space for appliances. The cabinets should be so placed that the contents of the cabinets are accessible from the place in the kitchen where they are likely to be used most often.

Traditional kitchen cabinets come with raised panels and in a range of finishes and wood choices. Contemporary kitchen cabinets offer an uncluttered look with well-defined lines; the building materials include wood, glass, plastic, and other materials. Kitchen sinks are mostly made of stainless steel which is a resilient and inexpensive alternative. Enamel covered cast iron sinks provide a traditional look. Quartz composite and granite-based sinks offer a high shine and are durable.

Kitchen islands can be added to spacious as well as not-so-spacious kitchens; with smaller kitchens, an island provides added counter top space for placing cooking pots and cutlery. Kitchen islands also offer space for a small family to gather, a kitchen island on wheels enables one to move the island around and alter the space settings. While remodeling, one can try to alter the lighting if required so that it illuminates the stove, counter tops, cabinets, sink and other work areas.

Homeowners planning a kitchen remodel can apprise themselves of some of the latest remodeling trends that include built-in coffee centers that are sleek and take little space; stove hoods in various sculptural shapes made from materials such as steel and glass; the trend in cabinetry is toward minimalism with floating units, cabinet fronts with touch-latches that reduce hardware requirements; and surfaces made from materials such as bamboo, glass, and aluminum; cooking ranges that are dual-fuel and use both electricity and gas; Italian cooking gadgets such as gelato makers, stainless steel truffle shavers, and a panini grill for making sandwiches are popular items to add to a kitchen when remodeling; homeowners are also increasingly opting for smart appliances such as refrigerators with Internet capabilities; concealed dishwashers that can wash and store the dishes; counter tops are being customized to suit the homeowner's tastes — wood is being used for low-use areas, concrete with embedded glass is being used, marble pastry slab inserts, etc are some examples of the variety of materials being used for counters.

You should ensure that the flooring is in place before moving on to the cabinets and counter tops, tile and slate are preferred flooring options for homeowners as these prevent mold and moisture from accumulating. Cork is also being used as a flooring material for kitchens; it is soft and reduces noise. Other design alternatives for homeowners include openings and pass-throughs in the kitchen that facilitate movement and give a feeling of space, adding aged beams to the ceiling to get a rustic look, and using glass for kitchen doors.

Several activities of a kitchen remodel can be done as a DIY project, these include the preliminary cleaning up and removing of appliances and gadgetry to be discarded or replaced. You can rip up the flooring too, if relaying the flooring is on the remodeling agenda. Getting involved in the cleaning activities that open up the kitchen space allows homeowners to develop ideas about how to use the freed up space in a new way. Activities such as putting up the drywall, relaying the floor, painting the walls, etc can be carried out as DIY activities. If you wants to add the fixtures too then it should be done in consultation with an electrician and plumber. You can save money by installing appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves. Getting insight online into the various aspects of a kitchen remodel is a good way to begin what can be the most satisfying of all your remodeling experiences.

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