Warehouse Loft Remodeling - The Ice Palace

We started with a 10,000 square foot industrial warehouse. The idea was to build a recording studio equipped with comfortable living and entertaining accommodations. Working with an industrial architect, we built a two story, state of the art facility, dubbed the “Ice Palace”.

The 6,500 square feet of second floor holds two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, game room, media room, laundry facility, and lounge complete with a 35’ custom stainless steel bar and enhanced lighting. We also fabricated and installed interior and exterior stainless steel and powder-coated balconies. The approximately 6,500 square foot main floor is where the recording studio, sound mixing room and computer room (primarily for commercial design) are located. There is also an 18’ by 40’ blue screen for commercial production. Finally, the south-side of the warehouse has a 12’ by 32’ stage equipped with production quality lighting.

Denver Warehouse Remodel